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Discover hope for a better tomorrow!

Bad Bosses, Big Business will show you how hope is more than just a passive expression. It is one that inspires belief for change in all of us to transform our workplaces.


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Poor leadership has been listed as the #1 cause of workplace dissatisfaction!

It has been said that people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. Poor leadership accounts for 65%-75% of the reasons people leave. This results in a voluntary turnover costs upwards of $650B and $750B in the United States alone every year. Authors Jim Shaffer and Tom Massey join forces to dive into this workplace epidemic to look at the types of bad leadership and how, using hope and belief as a leaning post, you can find yourself and your business ushering in a new era!

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Let’s see if you can relate. Here is a snip from the Prologue.

“The problem was my presentation and ideas were summarily dismissed by my boss with little to no discussion or consideration. It didn’t matter that he had agreed with my proposal just a few days before, nor that the rest of the team had great things to say about it. Instead, he pulled the rug out from under me in front of my peers with quick precision.”

What Others are Saying

This is an amazing book with practical steps to help any person and any organization. Toxic leadership is a workplace plague that has rocked our cultures for decades. This is timeless advice that will work for any organization, anywhere in the world.


Executive Director, Tulsa, OK